Can you dream bigger?

close your eyes first

2 min readDec 28, 2022
Photo by Bradley Dunn on Unsplash

A few weeks ago, while walking back home from work, I realised something.

I realised where I am.

On a giant ball of rock, just spinning out of control in the vast endless space of rocks just like this one.

I was able to zoom out, see the bigger picture, through my imagination. It was beautiful as well as scary but most of all, it was exciting.

I am a good person, I think. Although, in that moment, nothing else mattered but me. Only me.

My goal? To travel to the ends of cosmos.

For a split second, I dreamt bigger. I wanted to move, not just to a new city, or a country, or even a continent, but to a new planet, or a galaxy, or even a universe.

What’s stopping me? What is the limit to my imagination?

Tell me, do you believe? How could you, if you have never zoomed out…seen the bigger picture?

If you want a miracle, look no further than the fact that we know our place in this beautiful expanding entropy of space. You know you are pinned down by gravity, a force you can’t see yet feel.

I know you are busy. I know there is a deadline on your proposal but did you ever stop to imagine? Ever close your eyes and stood in awe to the obvious facts you have been neglecting all these years?

Do I sound delirious? A little coo coo? Maybe I am. Or maybe it’s you. Maybe the definition of normal you were taught was to tame the creative in you. To control you.

Perhaps you are a prisoner. Of mediocrity and dream jobs.

Maybe a job at Google will make you happy. Who do you live for when you earn a lot of money? Have you never seen people make less money and be happy?

Maybe the word ‘maybe’ is becoming redundant.

I don’t know what motivates you or what gets you up in the morning. I don’t care either. You do you.

All I ask is to open your eyes and imagine.

Stop filling in the spreadsheet and look around.

Remove your headsets and listen to the natural sounds.

Imagine and let your mind understand the obvious.

Live. Don’t miss out coz there will be no do-overs.