Confirmed — Medium Has Lost Control

Ghosts on Medium



Screenshot by Author

I am not sure if it is just me or you too experienced this glitch or whatever it is.

So, I stopped writing on Medium a few months ago because of the algorithm changes and less views.

I went looking for other opportunities (couldn’t see my efforts disregarded and disrespected).

Today, while reminiscing my life choices, and not visited Medium for such a long time, I decided to take a look around. Opened a new tab and typed Enter!

The homepage looked great and I had just 1 notification, which was not that significant.

Navigated to my profile page and to my surprise, I saw my follower count. Last I remember my followers were around 818 but I saw 923.

Screenshot by Author

To confirm it was not a glitch, I opened my profile in another browser but the number remained.

I couldn’t stop there now, could I? I mean, I didn’t receive any notification or anything, where did these followers come from?

To verify, I checked my audience stats, and there it was, the correct number — 818.

Screenshot by Author

If my stats show my true follower count, then why does my profile page show a different and false follower number?

Is it deliberate or a mistake?

Is Medium really losing control of its website?

Did this happen to you as well? Let me know in the comments.