Those Who Have Never Been in a War, Do Not Know the Joy of Peace

It is time to end living soft.

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There are other people

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Why are we here?

Nature is beautiful

“A golden meadow with an evergreen forest and snowy mountains at the back” by Keghan Crossland on Unsplash

What should you do?

You Can Do the Impossible

Do not pray for an easy life. Pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. — Bruce Lee

The first step is to establish that something is possible; then probability will occur. — Elon Musk

Pain can be pleasure

At the end of it all…

  • I did the walk because I read one book. I questioned my existence because I read another book. The point is obvious. Reading books will never go in vain. Start reading. You will experience real love.
  • Empathy. Understand that we are all living our own hell. Do not judge.
  • Listen. The path to a great relationship is to listen. Listen to understand, not to reply.
  • You can do what you think you cannot do. Believe in yourself and start. Do not plan. Screw it and do it.
  • Take time off and wander in a forest. That may be too much, but yeah do take time to embrace nature. You will fall in love again. And remember: Switch off the damn phone. :)
  • It is said that humans follow pleasure and avoid pain. And yet in cases we love the pain more than we love pleasure. In times, defy the status quo and bleed red.

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